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Male Enhancementorg r with Cocteau s poems at the same time. Therefore, when they attended the performance, they all followed the bodyguards who followed them. At the beginning Male Enhancementorg of the show, everything was normal and orderly. But after the end of the music, a young Dada Pierre Maso took the stage and began to rea. d an article attacking Gide, Picabia, Duchamp and Picasso. It happened that Picasso and Breton were also watching the show at the time. As a result, Breton took the stage to defend the painter Picasso , and Desnos and Perey followed the Breton. The two of them stepped forward to Male Enhancementorg catch Maso, and Breton raised his cane and hit him on Maso s arm Male Enhancementorg and Male Enhancementorg broke. The Male Enhancementorg audience uttered angry screams at the invading people and turned the opposition against Breton. Chara, standing in Male Enhancementorg the distance, reported the police. After Breton, Desnos and Perret were driven out of the theater, the theater finally calmed do. wn. Regrettably, after a brief calm, Chala s drama has just opened. A young man with a different look, confused eyes and blond hair stands up and asks Chala to give

everyone a reasonable explanation Why should he Breton drove out Male Enhancementorg of the theater The security police who just girth enlargement arrived are still testo vital where to buy in the theater. They immediately rushed to Paul Ellard, however, Ai Luya s friends and bodyguards immediately built a wall of iron around him. So the poets and the police started to fight. At this point, Chara jumped onto the stage, and Ai Luya changed ways to make penis grow his offensive target, turned to pray, and hit him with a s. lap in the penile implants for erectile dysfunction face. The whole audience was indignant, and Male Enhancementorg the fight quickly spread to zymax male enhancement reviews the audience and theater staff, and then extended beyond the theater. The inside and outside of the theater suddenly became chaotic. The next day, the theater manager refused to accept Male Enhancementorg Male Enhancementorg the new performance. The reason was engaging in art, fighting, not. Breton was always worried about Chala s request for the police to help drive him out of the Michelle Theater, and he Male Enhancementorg could not forgive. In his work Stroll , he wrote the inscription to Male Enhancementorg the father of the Dada movement, Chala Give the novelist in 1924, the swindler of. the five poisons, the

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tribe of the police, Tristan Chara. Included in the article entitled Abandoning Everything , the article fully demonstrates the determination of the author to completely break with the Dada movement give up Male Enhancementorg everything. Give up Dada. Give up your wife and your mistress. Give up your hopes and fears. Go to the depths of the forest to replant. Give up your prey and go to Male Enhancementorg a place that is unknown. Give up everything you need for a comfortable Male Enhancementorg life and others for your future. Take a solid step and take your own path. Excerpt from Andre Bleddon s Wandering After a long time, the tw. o families of Breton and Chala will meet again, but this will wait until the publication of the Surrealist Declaration II. The Surrealist movement made a major turning in 1924. Breton was Male Enhancementorg not satisfied with publishing his Stroll , he also published the Surrealism Declaration. At the same time, Aragon published The Debauchery , Pere published The Everlasting Disease , Ai Luya published The Death of Perpetuity , Male Enhancementorg and Breton s Aalto Antonin Artaud 1896 1948 , France Writer, dramat

ist and drama actor. Published The Center of Purgatory. In addition to publishing the above works and gaining Male Enhancementorg a place in. the literati world, this Male Enhancementorg surrealist small group also has a Surrealism Research Office at 15 Grenner Street. This office is open every Male Enhancementorg Male Enhancementorg day from 4 30 to where to buy niterider male enhancement 6 30. In the near future, they will open a showroom Male Enhancementorg in Jacques Carlo Street, led by the imaginary genius Laurentia, but unfortunately he never writes. It is Male Enhancementorg particularly worth mentioning that Male Enhancementorg they are about to start a magazine, The Surreal yourible for male enhancement Revolution. The long male enhancement first issue will be published in December 1924 under the auspices of Presidents Pierre Navel and Bonjam Perret. 1924 also marked a top rated testosterone supplement major turning point in the life of Andre sta je libido Breton. This turning poi. nt was with Male Enhancementorg Anatole France 1844 1924 , a French novelist who joined the French Communist Party in October 1921 and won the Nobel Prize in Literature in the sa

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