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Penis Enlargement Tipa said The university is the last bastion in the social transformation of China. - To be Penis Enlargement Tipa clear here, however, Chinas reform and development should naturally begin with the last bastion of the planned Penis Enlargement Tipa economy of the university. Therefore, it is natural that we must start Penis Enlargement Tipa with Peking University. This seems to be no problem, almost all Penis Enlargement Tipa of the discussion can agree. But my questioning, is also about to start from here. My question is First, what is the planned economy system in the management of the universitys main performance Or is it exactly the shortcomings of the planned economic system in higher education institutions that hinder the healthy development of the current Chinese education and must become the main direction and the main reasons and basis for our reform Penis Enlargement Tipa today In this discussion, many of my friends talked about the deep-rooted official and administrative standards of Chinese universities and some friends mentioning the logistic standard. The highly centralized management system has

caused the university to lose its independence and formed a university for the university. Serious interference with and limitation of autonomy the ubiquitous administrative power within the university has created serious interference and restrictions on teachers academic power and academic freedom. At the same time, it is the extreme expansion of the administrative institutions that has created a serious imbalance between the teaching staff and the administrative staff. This is an important reason for the serious Penis Enlargement Tipa bureaucracy and formalism which is the best male enhancement herb for actual penis growth in school administration. In my opinion, this is the main manifestation of planned economy in university management. If we do not flaccid penis photos touch Penis Enlargement Tipa on this Penis Enlargement Tipa issue or evade the reform in this area or suspend it amazing penis enlargement because of the difficulty, then we will not at all It may revolutionize Penis Enlargement Tipa the Penis Enlargement Tipa so-called last bastion of a planned economy. If we still carry out reforms through the management logic, thinking and enlargement penis pill methods of a planned economy, Penis Enlargement Tipa I redlips 2 premium improved formula male enhancement sex pill am afraid that the power of the fortr

Penis Enlargement Tipa

ess of a planned economy will be strengthened. What I want to emphasize is that behind the drawbacks of the planned economy, there is a question of the status and rights of teachers in schools. In fact, ordinary teachers in colleges and universities now have neither status Penis Enlargement Tipa nor power, Penis Enlargement Tipa nor do they have any organization that upholds their rights and interests. The duties of the trade unions have been narrowed to one or two fellowships each year. The so-called workers congress also has the largest number of A little Penis Enlargement Tipa advisory role. There seems to be no mention of the teaching democracy and academic democracy that are fundamental to the teaching and research of teachers. Especially young teachers, have actually become disadvantaged groups in schools - the weakness referred to here is by no means the weakness of intelligence as some people in the discussion call this is itself discrimination Sexual prejudices what I am talking about Penis Enlargement Tipa is a kind of poverty and weakness Penis Enlargement Tipa of rights. In todays Chinese univ

Penis Enlargement Tipa Penis Enlargement Tipa ersities, even professors lack the desire for independent interests Penis Enlargement Tipa and Penis Enlargement Tipa freedom to express themselves Penis Enlargement Tipa as well as the right to libido problems participate in the process of penny wise penis enlargement pills selecting and hiring administrative officials at all levels of the school, participating in the decision-making process and formulating rules of the game. However, because of their academic status There is also a limited voice, and young teachers do not even have an academic voice. It is exactly this ways to enlarge penis brain smart pills review situation that has seriously affected the enthusiasm of staff and has become the main reason for restraining the productivity of teaching and academic research. In my opinion, this is the main reason for Penis Enlargement Tipa turning things around. In other words, universities must fundamentally Penis Enlargement Tipa overcome the shortcomings of planned economic management by promoting the democratic reforms on campus at the same time. But also to see that we are now on the school academic, teaching organization, leadership, but silicone sleeve penis enlargement alsoFirst of all, it stipulates that in a certain period o

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